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Smannell Parish Council

Latest News

Latest News

The Minutes of the 4th November 2019 Parish Council meeting are available below and can also be viewed under Council Meetings and the sub-heading entitled Minutes.  The Resolved and approved budget for the Parish Council for the financia year 2020/2021 is also available below.

At the 2 September 2019 Parish Council meeting, a presentation was given by SEE on useful information and tips in the event of a power cut.  The leaflets that were given out at that meeting are also available below. The first leaflet below provides useful guidance and help on keeping warm and saving money.

The second leaflet provides details on organising a Household Emergency Plan.  If a major emergency happens, it may be some time before help arrives.  It is very important that you and your family get together to prepare. The advice from SEE is to agree a plan in advance with those in your home and complete the template contained in the document by way of a planin advance with those in your home. Complete the template together and keep it safe in case you need it to use it.

The final document provides details of the Priority Servies Register. This is a service which provides additional help to people who need it most  If you are eligible and meet the conditions as set out in the document, you should consider contacting the SEE and other utiltities on the numbers contained in the document.